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Please indicate the sort of volunteer posting you seek: type of work - location - duration of posting and give us your qualifications which you feel would entitle you to work in such a program..
Note: Our time and resources are invested for the sake of the children, women, communities and natural habitat served by the serious charities with whom we work, we therefore only accept volunteer applicants prepared to give a minimum of one month of their time to volunteering in one of our projects.
We will research available volunteer opportunities, matching them to your preferences and qualifications; and will send you a synopsis of what we have done. Please be mindful that what you put into this form will be your principal (and perhaps only) opportunity to make contact with the organizations which - based on your application - we have deemed appropriate. After we send you our report, any further contact will be initiated by one or more of the organizations to whom we have sent your form. This form is only an indication of your preferences and qualifications, be prepared to provide more information to any organization which takes an interest in you. Please do not submit more than one form because we will only process one per candidate, and please do not ask to be put into contact with a project which particularly interests you, because one of our reasons for being is to protect our members from unsolicited contact [many do not officially have volunteer programs, only wishing to receive colleagues of their own choosing].

We will send your results to as many as 8 appropriate organizations in our database (only in cases of highly qualified candidates will we send results to more organizations - example of 'highly qualified candidates': psychologists, teachers, social workers, medical professionals, various types of advocates w/experience & language skills willing to volunteer for 6 months or more), and we will give you our report as quickly as possible - we try to complete our work within 5 business-days after receipt of your form.
If you have any questions before submitting this form, please email them to: info@volunteerlife.net

Our services are provided free of charge both to volunteer candidates and to hosting organizations - our operating costs are paid for by a generous sponsor.

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